Meet our wonderful staff team

Ferry Sneekes

Nationality: Dutch
Level: PADI Course Director, Side mount and Tec diver Instructor Trainer.
Languages: Dutch, German, English, Spanish.
With more then 8 years experience in teaching Instructor level courses he has the experience and skills to adapt the courses to the individual needs of our students.
Strives to give all students the necessary confidence and skills to have a great start as a dive professional.

markMark Boers

Nationality: German
Level: PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer
Languages: German, English, Spanish
Mark is managing all dive activities at the shop, but unlike many managers you find him mostly under water. With more then 15 years experience in diving he has a lot of techniques and skills which he likes to share and teach others. He holds solo diver certificates and is a very skilled cave diver.

Johan Tapia

Nationality: Dominican
Level: PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor
Languages: Spanish, German, English
Johan also known as our “Big Teddy Bear Instructor”, is one of our newer Instructors but has been with the Dive College for many years. Managing the Bavaro Locations for the last few years and handling Dive Master duties at the same time. This fun loving, charismatique guy shows a class of customer appreciation rarely seen, always with a smile and putting their best interests before his own.

Fabrizio Mazzini

Nationality: Italian
Level: PADI Staff Instructor and Side mount Diver
Languages: Italiano, French, Spanish, English
Fabri is the go to guy, from conducting his own courses to always offering a helping hand, leading fun divers, studying with the interns and making everyone smile. Fabri has been with the Dive College since 2014 and continues to show excellence in his abilities and continues to further himself in diving as well, Fabri is an up and coming Tec Diver!

Philippe Lacour

Nationality: Belgium
Level: PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and Tec diver
Languages: French, English, Spanish
Philippe did his IDC with the Caribbean Dive College and after a break of 8 months is now working full time with us. He loves to teach and has the skills to make every student feel comfortable on their first dives, easy going and already a great mentor for internship students.

Iris Brenner

Nationality: German
Level: PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer
Languages: Spanish, German , English
Instructor since 2003 Iris has certified hundreds of new divers and we are sure hundreds will follow. Iris is a great mentor for Internship candidates and a patient and dedicated Instructor to her students, with her everybody can go diving.

Alberto Mercedes

Nationality: Dominican.
Level: PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer.
Languages: Spanish, German, English, French.
Alberto did his Instructor course with Ferry Sneekes in 2006 and works full time now as a dive professional.
He is known for his great enthusiasm towards certified divers and students, you always find him with a big smile and ready to help our students to learn more about diving and all aspects of working in the dive industry.

Benny Williams

Nationality: Dominican
Level: PADI Dive Master
Languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian
Benny started years ago working on the beach, helping the clients with the hoby cats and kayaks and worked his way up to Dive Master DSD leader.
Taking out certified divers and helping many people with their first dive experience in the pool is what he enjoys to do every day, Benny works in our Canoa location.

Andreas Streussnig

Nationality: Austrian
Level: PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor
Languages: Spanish, German , English, French.
Andreas you will find at the pool in the Dreams resort, he takes care of the free Discover Scuba diving,, thanks to him everyday new clients are discovering the beauty of the Caribbean sea, on their first Open water dive.

Ricardo Elias

Nationality: Dominican
Level: PADI Dive Master.
Languages: Spanish, German , English, French, Italian.
Ricardo knows after many years of experience in guiding certified divers around the local reefs and wrecks, all dive sites like the back of his hand. Finding sea horses and bring you to parts of the reefs where nobody goes is his specialty. With his enthusiasm like every day is his first day diving, he is the favorite guide of many divers.

Courtney Cicoria

Nationality: Canadian
Level: PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and Tec/Full Cave Diver
Languages: English
When not in the water with students or doing IT you can always find this young lady enjoy her time in the surrounding caves working on her tec and cave skills. Courtney is our resident IT guru and the newest member of the Dive College team, after being a Diver Master for 4 yrs she decided with the help of Ferry Sneekes and the Dive College to gain her OWSI and MSDT training in early 2015 and now works hand in hand with the interns when not teaching courses of her own.

Berlin Jimenez de Morla

Nationality: Dominican
Level: PADI Open water scuba Instructor
Languages: English, Spanish, French, Italiano
Berlin is our expert in Coral first aid programs and works close together with Fundemar on our Coral reef conservation projects and reef research programs.( also included in our internship programs)

Maurice Heijneman

Nationality: Dutch.
Level: IDC Staff Instructor.
Languages: Dutch, German , English.
Completing his Instructor Internship with the Caribbean Dive College in 2010, Maurice worked his way up till IDC staff Instructor.
With his amazing Side mount and cave diving skills he is an example for many new Dive College students, and his relaxed way of teaching is appreciated by the many students that he has been teaching.