Sidemount Courses

The new PADI specialty Side Mount Diver will introduce you to the new way of diving wearing tanks on your side instead of your standard back mount set up.

Cave divers have used this set up already for a long time as it gives you extra safety by having your own spare tank and regulator, in case of a gas emergency you can handle the problem all by yourself.


For recreational divers it is a great way to learn something new in diving and will definitely increase your diving skills and knowledge.

A great first step for those interested in Cave Diving and Tech Diving is to get comfortable with the gear before committing to a full course.

The normal schedule time for this is 2 days.

Day 1 – Introduction to the set up and video the confined water training dive. In the afternoon, you will study from your diving manual.

Day 2 – 8.30am until 1.00pm, knowledge review and 2 open water training dives. 3.00pm until 5.00pm you will have the open water training dive 3 (open water training dive 3 can also be scheduled on day 1 in the afternoon or an optional day 3 in the morning).

Price Side mount specialty including manual, gear and online certification, $399.

Price Tech Side mount including manual gear and online certification $425.