Other Specialities

Other Speciality Courses We Offer

  • Navigation Speciality
  • Boat Diver Speciality
  • Search and recovery Speciality
  • Project aware coral reef Speciality
  • Peak performance buoyancy Speciality
  • Deep Diver Speciality
  • Wreck Diver Speciality
  • Emergency Oxygen Provider Speciality
  • Night Diver Speciality
  • Project Aware fish ID
  • Digital Photography Speciality
  • Cavern Diver Speciality
  • Drift Diver Speciality
  • Coral Reef First Aid Speciality
Other Speciality Diving Courses

All these PADI Speciality courses are available on request, please contact us for more information and prices for one or more of these that you would like to complete.

For most of the Speciality we have the E-learning option available too.